What’s your best learning environment?

1.What’s your professional employment; your professional goals? (I actually work as CNA part time and I have another part time in Amazon) my professional goals ….

2. Do you have a favorite study strategy? What’s your best learning environment?

3. What did you do for yourself if the last year that helped you learn?   What did a faculty member do last year that helped you learn (if not last year, then the last time you were in an academic environment).  How strong is your academic investment in yourself?

4. What are your expectations from this course, the professor, and the scholars you have enrolled with.

5. The city, state, and country where you live (no street address, please!), (Miami, Fl)
6. Your major, (nursing)
7. Your age (you can be vague if you want (for example, “I’m in my 30s”…), (I’m in my 20)
8. Whether you’ve ever taken an online course before and why you’re taking this course online, (classes online are more comfortable because I work full time as CNA)
9. What other classes you are taking this term and whether they are also online or face-to-face. ( I am taking PSY 2012 and chemistry saturday face to face)

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