What were the corresponding sets of genotypic frequencies

Watch THE FIRST 12 MINUTES (Only) of the population simulator tutorial video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f1W7t-FjlaY and posted on BB), and read the Lab 6 procedures through page 4, then complete this assignment prior to lab.

1.     Use the population simulator to model the following scenario.

Population size = 500                     A1 allelic freq. = 0.5     # of pops. = 1              # of gens. = 10


2.     Look at your graph of allelic frequency and find the place where you observe the most change in allelic frequency from one generation to the next.

a.     What were the two generations and the two corresponding allelic frequencies (approximate, allelic frequencies at each generation should add up to 1)?


b.     What were the corresponding sets of genotypic frequencies (approximate, they should add up to 1)?


3.     Plug your expected and observed genotypic frequencies, into excel and run a chi-squared test.

a.     What is your p-value?


b.     Write a results sentence for these results.


c.     Does Hardy Weinberg equilibrium seem to apply in this scenario? Explain why or why not.


d.     What type of genetic change has occurred in this scenario: selection, mutation, genetic drift, or gene flow?  Explain your choice.


Print pages 3-4 of the procedures. Then complete part one of the procedures (simulation of genetic drift), fill out the relevant materials on those first few pages, then attach them to t

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