What are some of the ways in which athletes can experience adversity during competition?

Discussion Questions

Submit your response to the question to the appropriate Discussion Area by the due date assigned. Through the end of the module, comment on the responses of others.

You will be attempting two discussion questions in this module worth 28 points each.

Discussion Question 1

Adverse Event

Describe a time when you faced adversity as an athlete in the form of an injury, prolonged slump, off-field issue, and so on. How did the adverse event impact your ability to perform to your potential? What did you do to try to cope with the adversity? What helped you to cope with your situation? As you look back, in what ways did you cope that were not very successful?

Evaluation Criteria for Discussion Question Response:

Provided detailed context of experience in which you faced adversity and explained how the adversity affected your ability to perform. [8 points]
Identified successful and unsuccessful coping strategies. [8 points]

Discussion Question 2

Adversity During Competition

Adversity during competition can come in many different forms. What are some of the ways in which athletes can experience adversity during competition? As a sport psychologist or coach, how would you help an athlete you were working with cope with these types of adversity?

Evaluation Criteria for Discussion Question Response:

Described accurately some of the ways that athletes can experience adversity during competition. [8 points]
Identified strategies to help an athlete cope with different types of adversity. [8 points]

All written assignments and responses should follow APA rules for attributing sources.

Assignment 1 Grading CriteriaMaximum PointsDiscussion Question Response:Please see specific evaluation criteria listed below each discussion question.16×2Discussion Participation:Participated in the discussion by asking a question, providing a statement of clarification, providing a point of view with rationale, challenging a point of discussion, or making a relationship between one or more points of the discussion.4x2While responding, justified ideas and responses by using appropriate examples and references from texts, Web sites, and other references or personal experience.4x2Wrote in a clear, concise, and organized manner; demonstrated ethical scholarship in accurate representation and attribution of sources, displayed accurate spelling, grammar, and punctuation.4×2Total:56

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