week 7 discussion reply 2 1

respond to the following two post 100 words one reference each

# 1 Yulier Rodriguez-Medina

Broad communications assume a significant job in conveying about wellbeing examination and administrations to patients, and in forming open observations and choices about wellbeing. Social insurance experts likewise assume a significant job in giving patients solid, proof based and exceptional data on a wide scope of medical problems. This investigation intends to investigate essential consideration medical attendants’ encounters of how broad communications impacts bleeding edge human services.

Inside and out phone interviews were done with 18 essential consideration medical caretakers (nine wellbeing guests and nine practice attendants). Meetings were recorded and deciphered. The information was dissected utilizing topical examination, with an attention on steady near investigation.

Three subjects rose up out of the information. In the first place, members revealed that their patients were oftentimes impacted by questionable wellbeing stories detailed in the media, which influenced their view of, and choices about, care. This, thus, encroached upon members’ remaining tasks at hand as they needed to invest extra energy examining data and consoling patients. Second, members likewise reviewed occasions in their own professions when media reports had added to a decrease in their trust in current medicinal services practices and medications. Third, the members right now a genuine requirement for extra assets to help and extend their own media education abilities, which could be imparted to patients.

In a consistently extending media scene with more prominent giving an account of wellbeing, medical attendants working in the essential consideration setting face expanding strain to adequately oversee media stories that question current wellbeing arrangements and practices. These essential consideration medical attendants were quick to extend their media education abilities to create basic self-sufficiency corresponding to all media, and to encourage increasingly important discussions with their patients about their wellbeing concerns and decisions.


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#2 Marilyn Hernandez

Media often illustrate nurses as working at the patient’s bedside and performing repetitive and routine tasks, mostly as the doctor’s handmaiden (Bridges 1990). Nursing is a theory based and scholarly profession that the general public fails to see. Nurses are advancing in their profession daily. This is something that the public fail to recognize that the nurse is a professional. Nurses do not see themselves as the public does and to improve that image nurses need to obtain a stronger position in healthcare organizations and increase their visibility. Nurses must stand up for themselves. Additionally, nurses should make better use of strategic positions, such as case manager, nurse educator or clinical nurse specialist and use their professionalism to show the public what their work really involves. Virginia Henderson said it- ‘nurses self‐image is often at odds with the public’s image and what nurses do is at odds with what nurses and the public think they should do’. The way the media depicts nurses will never change unless nurses take it into their own hands to change it. They need to convince the public through education and serving as role models to launch their professional nurse identity.


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