Week 10: Feedback about your study’s ‘instrument package’; validity and reliability

You are required to compile (make) an “instrument’ to record and observations by your ‘colleagues’ or ‘helpers’ gather the information (data) which you are focused

Crafting such an instrument will also require TRAINING your observers/helpers, and crafting a MANUAL for them to refer to, or process to seek clarification.

This is all in an effort to get consistent data from each ‘encounter’ of worth in the study. You will need to fully understand the concepts of validity and reliability to make this a meaningful exercise!

Discuss and converse here. Place your ‘trial’ products and garner comments on intelligibility from your peers. Take the opportunity to gather useful critique before you submit for

Best of skill, and



MY topic is disaster management persons with disabilities

This is an

example helping
you from my classmates:

review for my proposal to give an idea about my topic

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