Vision for the Future of Nursing

Vision for the Future of Nursing

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Please take note this order is for 2 page research paper and aIDitional 10 PPT slides

Imagine it is your 10-year nursing school reunion and you are the keynote speaker. The national media are covering the event.
Part I: Create a press release of up to 700 words about your keynote speech that outlines the following:
The intended audience of the press release (for example, ANA, AMA, STTI)
How you transformed yourself into the role of a BSN-prepared nurse
How you increased your knowledge, skills, and attitudes in the previously identified areas with potential for growth
How you, as a practitioner, researcher, and leader, have influenced nursing
How your understanding of your role continues to guide your practice
How the increased awareness of your knowledge, skill, and attitudes continues to influence your role as a nurse leader
What legacy you, as a nurse, will be known for
Part II: Research three scholarly peer-reviewed references that aIDress the following:
How evidence-based practice will influence trends in health care and the future of nursing
How the application of nursing theory will continue to influence professional nursing practice
What roles nurses currently play in research
How new roles and opportunities will benefit nursing and health care in general
Note: One reference must be from the course textbook.
Develop a 10- to 15-slide presentation on Part I and Part II. Include speaker notes for each slide.
Include a slide with APA-formatted references.
Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

Grading Criteria: Vision for the Future of Nursing
Content: 13 points possible
Points possible
Points earned
Included a description of the role of the BSN-prepared nurse in leadership

Included a description of the role of the BSN-prepared nurse in research

Described at least two skills needed to be considered a competent nurse of the future

Integrated at least two attitudes important to the profession of nursing

Synthesized the personal legacy you wish to leave as a nurse


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