Video-Oculography benefits and drawbacks |

Write a graduate-level research papers providing an in-depth analysis relating to, dealing with, or having applied relevance to Video-Oculography benefits and drawbacks.Your papers should report on current research and should focus on research, knowledge, and information available from the primary professional literature. Papers will be unacceptable if primary sources from the behavioral, medical, or aerospace science literature are not referenced.

Use Primary Sources. Primary sources are reputable, peer-reviewed journals that describe research and results from original research such as Journal of Applied Psychology, Human Factors, International Journal of Aviation Psychology (IJAP), etc. Sources that people think are primary sources but are in fact not, are magazines such as Popular Mechanics, Scientific American, and encyclopedias are also not considered primary sources; these are secondary sources. Some secondary sources may be used, but not until you have enough primary sources (at least 5) to be able to scientifically back up the statement you make in your paper.

Your papers should be 5 to 7 pages in length to adequately address the topic.Current APA style is required. (no plagiarism)

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