Unit 2 – Individual Project

Using scholarly format for your document, write a five page composition, using APA format and citations that addresses the following questions:

  • What is your DM/DCS/DBA concentration and why did you choose it? Healthcare Management and Leadership. I am a hospital administrator and this will take my career to the next level
  • Considering your Program (DM/DCS/DBA) your concentration, and your interests, what are the 1-2 research topics that you are focusing on for your dissertation? How prisoners are treated in health and Healthcare Education and Training
  • If your topic of interest were addressed through your research how would it inform, enhance, or otherwise improve your field? This will have a worldwide spread for the proper care of prisoners
  • Now that you’ve answered these questions, write a brief introduction that tells the reader what the composition is about and how it is organized. Insert the introduction at the beginning.

Now that you’ve written your answers, write a conclusion for your composition – restating the major points. Your composition should now have this format (1) Intro, (2) Body, (3) Conclusion and (4) Reference page.

Note: For all IP assignments, you must have a cover page. Keep in mind the cover page and reference page are not included in the page count.

    5 pages

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