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Now that you have completed a series of assignments that have led you into the active project planning and development stage for your project, briefly describe your proposed solution to address the problem, issue, suggestion, initiative, or educational need and how it has changed since you first envisioned it. What led to your current perspective and direction?

(Amy Jo 5/16)


The focus of my project will center on medication education in cardiac patients. Most of these patients not only have cardiac problems but other disease processes which require a variety of medications. It is reported that 30% of people 65 years of age or older take 5 or more medications (Kim, & Parish, 2017). The importance of the use of these medications will be explained to the patient in an attempt at successful self-management.

A proposed solution for this issue would be to evaluate the educational needs of the patient with a survey. A questionnaire will include five simple questions regarding the patient’s knowledge of the medications; 1) I understand why I take my medications, 2) I often reduce my dose if I am feeling better, 3) I take my medications at a regular time (as directed) every day, 4) I have been hospitalized since my last clinic visit and my medications have been changed, and 5) I always bring my medications with me to my doctor’s appointments. As this previous information is important it is also vital the patient be informed of the importance to contact their doctor if they are having any ill effects or are unable to pay for their medication.

The idea was to utilize various educational resources such as written, videos, etc., but these resources were not available. I have developed a medication handout and have highlighted the medication that each patient is taking and have reviewed this with the patient. I have also kept information as simple as possible (no medical jargon) which has allowed the patient to better understand the information being presented (Morris, 2021). This handout is given to the patient to review during their appointment and to take home to review at their own pace (Talbot, 2018).



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