Thesis | Information Systems homework help

Introduction (Including the following sub-sections: The Study Background, Problem Statement, Purpose Statement, Significant Statement, Research Questions, and a paragraph for the Overview of Methodology). 

2. Literature Review. You also should have started the literature  In this section of your draft should incorporate more than 15 references. Will discus the details during our first online session, and first executive session. 

Format Instructions:

1. Use Microsoft word for your thesis report, 12 points and Times New Roman Font. and double space throughout your document.  

2. Begin your document with a cover page including: Your Topic Title (All capital letters. a Running Head (All capital Letters), your Name, Your course number and section and semester, the university Name (Harrisburg University) and program (Healthcare Informatics, instructor(s’) names, and date. 

3. On a new page, format your table of content using the electronic approach ONLY. 

4. Do not write the Abstract at this time. Just leave an empty page after your Table of Contents.

5. On a new page within your document, start your first section of your thesis, the INTRODUCTION. Then use all the sub-headings mentioned above. 

6. On a new page within your document, start your LITERATURE REVIEW. Minimum 15 references. Do not include the references in this section. You should be able to summarize your references (Will discuss in lectures) in sequence. 

7. References. On a new page, you should also incorporate any references utilized so far listed in alphabetical order. All references should follow the APA format for referencing.

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