Social Media, Internet Addiction, and Depression

Conduct research in theUniversity Libraryand on the Internet to answer the following questions related to the short- and long-term considerations of social media use that results in signs of Internet addiction, depression, and the broader implications on society:Why is it important to identify detrimental online and offline behaviors? How do the two intersect?What psychological theories best explain the rationale behind users’ engagement with social media?What types of behaviors are commonly exhibited in the social media space? What are some psychological effects on users?Can social media help enhance self-esteem? Explain.Can social media lead to feelings of belonging, feelings of isolation, and being an outcast, or both?What are some signs that a person’s activity in social media is demonstrative of depressive symptoms?What are some signs that a person’s activity offline is demonstrative of his or her ongoing use of social media?How might one address the topic when an individual is suspected of showing signs of depression in relation to his or her social media use?What is Internet addiction? What are the signs of Internet addiction? How can it be addressed?Cite 3 peer-reviewed articles pertaining to the topic of Internet addiction, including leading opinions on this topic.Present your findings in 1- to 2-minute narration writing for an audio podcast or video blogwith a transcript.


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