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response to class mates in no more than 75 words.38 minutes agoTheresa Provenzano Unit 4, Discussion Prompt Option 2COLLAPSEUnit 4, Discussion Prompt Option 2The relevance of behavior rules and strategies for promoting generalization is especially important to teach. Based on Dyamond’s group home settings it’s important to first teach her how to use independent skills. The first target to teach, I would teach her how to open snacks independently. The next skill I would teach would be for her to have the opportunity to turn on the television independently. These are 2 skills that she can be taught to be completed without causing harm to herself or others. In addition, she could complete these skills without supervision.Have a great day!Theresa Provenzano1 hour agoFaith Scott-Briner U04disc1promt 1COLLAPSEThe behavior I engage in is ordering Starbucks coffee and having it delivered.There are times that I will order Starbucks coffee at work and have it delivered. I only order Starbucks coffee and have it delivered if one of the other behavior therapists in my room orders Starbucks coffee. I do not order Starbucks coffee delivered when no one else in my room orders coffee. The stimulus present is another therapist ordering Starbucks coffee. The s-delta is  another therapist not ordering Starbucks coffee signaling I won’t order coffee. I engage in generalization by only ording any coffee for delivery if other people at my house are ordering it.


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