Relate response to professional/experience, where applicable;

Your mother is a volunteer at a hospice facility. She often comes home emotionally exhausted. You have never visited a hospice and asked if you could go with her next time. She agrees. Prior to your visit, you want to understand the concept of a hospice. Discussion: You perform an Internet search on the subject to understand their mission and goals. Write up your research and share it with your mother

  1. Mention and cite at least 2 specific factual points and/or relevant issues from the case/material that addresses the question responding to;
  2. Relate response to professional/experience, where applicable;
  3. Discuss response to question at a critical level, not just recitation of facts from material cited;
  4. Post at least a an initial response totaling 300 words;
  5. Use the APA method of citing when using any material to respond, including the textbook.  If you use the textbook you must include the page number. If you are using material from a PowerPoint you need not include the slide number.
  6. Write out the question being asked, before responding; even if there is only one question. If there are multiple questions the student must list each question and answer separately.
  7. Compose responses that are grammatically correct this includes sentence structure and well as spelling.

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