QNT 275 Week 2 Exercise

QNT 275 Exercise Week 2

Please answer the following questions using your own words and using the only the attached chapters for reference and in text citations. Answers must be 200 words.

Introductory Statistics Reference:

Mann, P. S. (2016). Introductory Statistics (9th ed.). Retrieved from The University of Phoenix eBook Collection database.

Chapter 4

1. Explain the two properties of probability. Describe an impossible event and a sure event. What is the probability of the occurrence of each of these two events?

2. Explain the three approaches to probability, give one example of each approach. Explain for what kind of experiments we use the classical approach to calculate probabilities of events and for what kind of experiments we use the relative frequency approach.

Chapter 5

3. Explain the meaning of a random variable, a discrete random variable, and a continuous random variable. Give one example each of a discrete random variable and a continuous random variable. Classify each of the following random variables as discrete or continuous:

  1. The time left on a parking meter

  2. The number of bats broken by a major league baseball team in a season

  3. The number of cars in a parking lot at a given time

  4. The price of a car

  5. The number of cars crossing bridge on a given day

  6. The time spent by a physician examining a patient

  7. The number of books in a students bag

4. In a group of households, the national news is watched on one of the following three networks-ABC, CBS, or NBC. On a certain day, five households from this group randomly and independently decide which of these channels to watch. Let x be the number of households among these five that decide to watch news on ABC. Is x a discrete or continuous random variable? Explain. What are the possible values that x can assume?

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