Please see below for instructions.

Documentary National Geographic Hurricane Katrina History BBC Documentary (Earth doucumentary) (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.Documentary National Geographic Hurricane Katrina History BBC Documentary (Earth doucumentary)

The following are the directions for this assignment:

1. Watch the documentary from beginning to end.
2. Take notes while you watch the documentary. The notes will aid you in writing down the main ideas and arguments of the film.
3. Essay: You will write 2-3 paragraphs (6-8 sentences each) in response to the article. You will write an original post where you describe what you learned in the film. What was the article about; what did it discuss, define, and/or analyze? What is the main argument of the documentary? According to the film, why was Hurricane Katrina so devastating? How and why did the levees break in New Orleans? What can we learn from the flooding, storm surge, and overall destruction of the hurricane? What geographic, environmental, or economic plans can/should the state and its residents pursue to make sure southeast Louisiana is here for another 300 years?
4. Your responses must be well-written, complete sentences, and grammatically correct. Please proofread your response before you submit it. You are only required to post once, but if you feel like replying more than once, you are welcome to do so.
5. Finally, keep in mind that this is a geography class. When you write, I want you to “think geographically”–this means, less of your opinion and more of an analytical connection to geography. Opinions are useless unless they are backed up by a sound argument.

This assignment is due by Thursday, April 4, midnight. It is worth 50 points. Good luck and remember to think like a geographer! The best responses will be well thought-out, free of grammatical errors, and will draw from the course material to back up their answers (eg: citing terms, theories, and concepts learned from the notes).

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