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Personal Network Analysis
SPE-102 Personal Network Analysis – Ch. 9 & 10 – DUE 7/30
PART #1 IN-CLASS: Draw an individual personal network of communication: a diagram of your relationships.
Place yourself somewhere near the middle of your paper and create separate areas or “branches” for family, school, friends, work, etc. For this part of the exercise, only include people you have talked to in the last week.
On your paper, connect people who talk to one another. Use various kinds of lines to connect them. If they communicate frequently, draw heavy lines; if sometimes, draw a thin line, and if rarely, draw a dotted line.
Now add any relationships that don’t meet the “talked to in the last week” standard. You should distinguish these from the more regular contacts in some way (different kinds of lines, placement, etc.).
PART #2 IN-CLASS: When we’re finished, we’ll break into small groups to discuss (and compare) the resulting relationship diagrams. You might end up adding to your analysis diagram based on some ideas from your classmates.
PART #3 — Analysis #2: The final part of the assignment requires that you write an analysis of your diagram.
Please attach the original of your diagram (and the modified versions you create for your typed analysis). You MUST incorporate a minimum of 5 concepts/points on relationships from the text/discussions in order to earn the full points! The concepts must be in bold or underlined.
You should consider the following points as you create your pictorial network and write your analysis:
? Who are the people most central to you in your network?
? Are people in your network connected or separated from one another? How satisfied are you with that?
? Describe your network in terms of number of “branches,” number of contacts, and “balance” (how contacts tend to cluster).
? Is your network an accurate representation of your interpersonal relationships?
? How might you change your personal network through interpersonal means? What areas would you like to develop?
? How is your network similar to or different from your classmates’?
Please put the following heading on your paper:
Analysis #2 – Personal Network Analysis
July 30, 2015
The analysis is worth 100 points that break down as follows:
25 points/identifying 5 different key concepts in your relationship visual representation for analysis in your paper.
50 points/incorporation of communication concepts from the text and the discussions (appropriately underlined) connected to key points of your relationship analysis. NOTE: You must use at least 5 different concepts from the text in your analysis. Remember: UNDERLINEor BOLD YOUR CONCEPTS the first time you refer to them in the body of the analysis.
25 points/organization of the paper, grammar, syntax, style, etc.

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