Patient with Crohn’s Disease – Health Assessment

I have picked to discuss option #2 which is the patient with Crohn’s disease.

1. I would respond to the client by further assessing the situation. I would do a spiritual assessment, more specifically the RCOPE assessment (Weber, 2018, pg. 210) This assessment would help me assess how the pt is coping with their situation. I would also keep in mind that sometimes spirituality has a negative effect and can cause depression but it can also be positive and can improve the patient’s quality of life and reduce stress. (Baldacchino, et al., 2013, pg. 229)

2. It stated above that the patient was distressed and wasn’t able to come with the terms of the condition. Some identified risk factors would be the risk for depression and decreased quality of life. There also might be a risk for decreased appetite due to stress, and the pain this disease can cause with the digestive track. Some interventions that could be done is to offer for spiritual care or a counselor to come talk to pt. I also might ask if they wanted us to contact a specific spiritual leader that they were familiar with so they cold talk about their spiritual distress. I might also try to help them understand the disease process if they don’t understand it and might ask if it would be possible to get a dietary consult or a dietitian who could go over the diets or foods that would settle well with the patient with crohn’s disease.

Baldacchino, D., Torskenaes, K., Kalfoss, M., Borg, J., Tonna, A., Debattista, C., . . . Mifsud, R. (2013). Spiritual coping in rehabilitation – a comparative study: part 1. British Journal of Nursing, 22(4).

Weber, J., & Kelley, J. (2018). Health Assessment in Nursing. (6th ed.) Philadelphia, PA: Wolters Kluwer Health | Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

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