Part of unit 3 assignment Organizational Strategy

Due Saturday June 11th 2017 @10pm Pacific Standard time.

Please Read Directions

The company is Ford Motor Co.

Need 2 pages with a 1 or 2 paragraphs for each section and Include Citations and References

·       Evaluate how the selected firm leverages its resources and capabilities to execute the business strategy. Are the firm’s capabilities found in its functions or the value chain, or both? Does the strategy give coherence to decisions about allocation of resources?

·       Evaluate the effectiveness of the organizational structure and management system design. Include the firm’s ability to support the key resources and capabilities that execute the business strategy. Is the organizational structure suited for the particular tasks and particular business environment of the firm?

·       Explain possible ethical dilemmas and governance issues. These issues may include shareholders and stakeholders, distribution of excess profits, and top management’s pay.

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