pairs of homologous chromosomes, biology homework help

Imagine a plant cell with 2n = 6, that is, with three pairs of homologous chromosomes in autosomal cells in G1 of the cell cycle. Usually this cell would produce gametes that were 1n = 3, ie that would have 1 copy of each of three different chromosomes. Now imagine that this plant occasionally underwent a faulty meiosis, and instead of creating gametes that were 1n = 3, it produced gametes that were 2n = 6. If the plant was self-fertile, and an ovum that was 2n = 6 fused with a pollen that was 2n=6, then the resulting cell would have 12 chromosomes. How many chromosomes would be present in the gametes made by the 12-chromosome cells? If one of these gametes fused with a normal gamete from the original parent (2n=6), how many chromosomes would be in the resulting progeny cells?

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