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The operation research topic is Traveling Salesman Problem. The assignment is to write a research paper using Microsoft Word with a minimum of 1500 words and a maximum of 2500 words (not including the References section).

Part of the research instructions says: research paper should have a minimum of the following headings:

Introduction – Introduce the topic.

Literature Review (of the three article that I post) – Research and review the literature (When was it created? Who made it?, What are other researchers doing with it?, etc.)

Explanation of the Algorithm/Heuristic Methodology – How does it work?

Examples of Algorithm/Heuristic Usage – Discuss concrete examples of how it is used today in the world.

Summary/Conclusions – Sum it all up!

References – APA formatted sources…only correct APA will be accepted.

Please read the whole research instructions carefully. Also, I will post the 3 article that I found for the specific topic to do the Literature Review (part of the research).

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