O&M tasks, engineering homework help

This week’s discussion topic is designed to allow you to reflect on Operations and Maintenance (O&M) tasks that you have performed, as well as compare and contrast developing and maintaining software.

  1. Choose at least two O&M tasks that you have performed or that you would like to perform if given the opportunity.
    • Describe them. If you actually did them, what was the outcome or the lessons learned? If you have not performed them, what suggestions would you give to help ensure a successful outcome?
    • Comment on at least two students’ responses. ( I will provide them when posted )
  2. Review the differences between developing and maintaining software.
    • Choose one difference and relate it to your current or former work environment. Discuss points such as how that activity is different in the development mode versus the maintenance mode.
    • Comment on at least two students’ responses.

    Assuming that I haven’t performed for question 1 and answer the entire question based on that and complete questions 2 . Please use the materials that I have attached . Also look at this website in order to complete this assignment successfully.

    • “Software Maintenance” (Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Software_maintenance)
    • Please post the questions in the deliverable work with the answers under them to see the relation between them.

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