Nuclear Energy Power Point Presentation

Unit VI PowerPoint Presentation

For this assignment, you will create a PowerPoint presentation that contains the background information of the physics of

nuclear energy and its applications.

Your presentation must do the following:

include detailed processes of nuclear fission and fusion with examples,

compare and contrast nuclear fission and fusion with applications,

include practical uses for nuclear energy with advantages and disadvantages,

contain safety issues and managements for nuclear wastes, and

discuss future perspectives regarding nuclear energy and its alternatives.

Your PowerPoint presentation must be a minimum of seven slides, not including the title and reference slides. You are

required to insert appropriate images and diagrams to enhance your content. In addition to the images, you must use at

least two scholarly references in your presentation.

Any images or information used should be cited in APA format. Also, it is a good idea to utilize presenter notes and provide

narration, but this is not required.

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