Integration paper | pastor | ozark christian college

Whether or not knowledge of psychological ideas and concepts gleaned in this class influenced your thinking about yourself and human behavior in general. Why/Why not? Refer to at least four of the concepts discussed in class (e.g., emotion, personality, motivation, psychological disorders/treatment, intelligence, learning, consciousness, human development, memory, sensation & perception) in responding to this question.b.Whether concepts you have learned in the course can be integrated with scriptural truths you believe specifically. Why/Why not? Ensure that you analyze each of the four concepts in light of scriptural truths. 

Write a five (5) page paper, incorporating your responses to a & b above. 3.Include a conclusion in your paper to underscore and end with a solid statement of your view on integration of psychology and scripture. 4.Include at least 5 credible references (i.e., books, online articles) and at least 2 biblical references that focus on psychology from a Christian perspective. 5.Paper should be MS Word, TR 12 font and double spaced.6.Use APA format (title page, abstract, headings, in-text citations, and reference page).7.Paper should be 8 pages in total, including title page, abstract, & reference 

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