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Healthcare Delivery Comparison of Country of Choice( Saudia Aribia) vs. United States Research Paper

Select a country of your choice other than the United States to research the health insurance system of the selected country. Use the following headings to complete your research of the health insurance system of your selected country.





Structure of the health insurance system Financing of the health insurance system

Public vs. Private components Utilization of health care services

V. Reflect on how this country’s health insurance system compares to the one we

have here, in United States.

Please follow APA style in completing this assignment. Research paper should be no less than two double-spaced typed pages, excluding cover page and reference page. Your paper should include at least three (3) references, preferably from journal articles. The research paper assignment portion will be worth 100 points.

You will present your findings to the class for 5-10 minute presentation. PowerPoint may be used. In class presentation will be worth 25 points, making this assignment a total of 125 points.

Assignment will be submitted to D2L Dropbox on due date. A hard copy of your paper, journal articles used for research, and an Academic Honesty form will be submitted in a folder at the beginning of class on the due date for full credit.

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