final review

I will submit the PDF with the errors that you have to make corrections about it, and also some orientations about something that you have to add to the research:

—- wonderfully writen. you need to include however your findings from your research with your data to support your position.

this is a theme that I have to add to my work

Implementation of plastic removal from the environment with alternative bio-techniques will be overseen by NOAA

-Sub-Section A: Plastic-eating worms will be utilized for plastic degradation

11 – Sub-Section B: Implementing worms breeding sites, those microorganisms in their guts can biodegrade polyethylene, the plastic used in filmy products.

12 -Sub-Section C: Planning to study whether microorganisms within mealworms and other insects can biodegrade plastic.

13 -Sub-Section D: Continuing research and development in areas of research that involve discovery of other marine equivalent of the mealworm to eliminate plastics from the ecosystem.

14 Section 6: The basic course of human exposure to Bisphenol A (BPA) is through food.

15 -Sub-Section A: Was proved that the human body is not adequately prepared to separate BPA from the food that was digested.

16 -Sub-Section B: Implement decreasing techniques that decrease the generation of BPA in the food.

You also need to inlcude a paragraph about why it is important for health care professionals to be aware of thiis topic. Also you policy changes need to go in here with aswell with projected outcomes.

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