Fast Food Nation By Eric Schlosser

2 page research paper
Task: Read the book, Fast Food Nation by Eric Schlosser. How has the fast food industry changed since the book was written? Choose three examples from the book to update. Your ideas can be positive or negative. One example of how service has changed is the concept of self-checkouts.

  1. Paper Format-APA style should be followed for the title page, abstract page, body of the paper (2 pages), and reference page. Paper should be double-spaced, indented paragraphs as needed. TOTAL 2 POINTS (half a point for each section)
  2. Choose three examples from the book to update. State your opinion as to whether or not these changes are positive or negative TOTAL 6 POINTS (2 points each for each topic)
  3. Select information from current lectures (Food and the Consumer 11-08-2017, and Food Safety, Healthcare and Food Additives 11-15-2017) and relate information to your paper. This should be one paragraph prior to your conclusion paragraph of your paper. TOTAL 2 POINTS.

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