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see attachment for discussion assignment information.. Let me know if you have any questions. Content is from the video links on attachment. Thanks again!

PS. let me know if you have time for 2 more more journals as well. You did these for me in the last assignment. If you want to do these in addition to this discussion, let me know. you can charge for both (discussion and 2 journals). Both of these assignments are not due until the 13th.

Instructions for journals:

I will expect you to reflect critically on any current events that might be relevant to our subject matter, as well as your own views on the role of technology in society. You will need to write 2 entries per week, Each entry should be between 200 and 1000 words.

The sources used for these journals should be cited in APA format.

They should also follow standard writing format with a clear thesis/main idea in an introduction paragraph that is then supported in subsequent paragraphs with examples and analysis.

Here are some specific suggestions for the Journals:
1.Try to keep up with technology issues by watching relevant science and technology programming on Discovery Channel, PBS, CNN, etc.
2. Many sci-fi movies focus on issues of our use of technology (Alien Resurrection, the Matrix movies, Star Trek movies, Forbidden Planet, Tetsuo: The Iron Man, Blade Runner, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, etc.). So, you could write about them, too. Not all movies are about technology although all use technology. The same goes for television shows.
3. Check out the Internet. Type in “Technology and Society” on your search engine, you should get plenty of hits. 4. Keep up with science and technology in the Washington Post. Also, check magazines like Scientific American, Wired, Discover, etc.


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