Describe a research question in psychology that interests you

PSY 510 SPSS Assignment 1




Before you begin the assignment:




·         Download SPSS onto your computer. Refer to the SPSS Download and Installation FAQs if needed.


·         Review the video tutorial in the Module One resources for a basic of overview of using the SPSS software.








1) Describe a research question in psychology that interests you. Also, state a hypothesis for an experiment related to your research question.




Type your answer below:








2) How might you test your hypothesis? Briefly describe the procedure you would use, and be sure to clearly discuss the independent variable(s) and dependent variable(s).




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3a) In SPSS, enter hypothetical data for at least 15 participants. To do this, you will first need to create the variables in the “Variable View.” You will then need to enter the data in the “Data View.” When entering your hypothetical data, be sure to:




·         Name each variable


·         Use a label to provide more detail about each variable


·         Enter values for your variable conditions if necessary




Your data file will be submitted along with this worksheet.






3b) Provide an explanation for each of your variables. More specifically, which variable is the IV, and which is the DV? How would the variables be measured? How should the values be interpreted?




Type your answer below:

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