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Review the case, KT Corporation: Offering New Insights in Customer Experience

After reviewing the case, prepare responses to the following questions:

1.            How can KT resolve internal conflicts generated by implementing innovations to maximize customer value? What is the most effective way to adjust the relationship between (external) customer satisfaction and internal satisfaction?

2.            Does KT’s customer experience innovation affect financial performance? Is financial performance a useful barometer of the outcome of innovation?

3.            Can the strategies implemented at KT be sufficiently internalized in the organization? If not, what are the problems? What is the most important requirement for the internalization of marketing strategies?

4.            KT used “rainbow chasers” as a method of finding and improving customers’ pain points. What other methods can be used to discover customers’ hidden or unmet needs?

5.            How should KT differentiate its strategy to counter the competitors’ reaction and sustain its differential advantage in the telecom market?

Submit your answer via this dropbox by Sunday at 11:59 p.m.

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