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As cyber attacks are rising, the demand for cyber security is rising. To protect confidentiality, integrity, and availability (CIA) in information technology (IT) system, an organization must have a strong information security standard, rules, and set of guides. Formally documented information security management system (ISMS) offers legal, policies, procedures, set of effective specifications to ensure the protection of the data (Rouse, n.d.). ISO 27001 is one of the best-practice ISMS in the world. By implementing the ISO 27001, an organization can save money associated with information security, meet legal cybersecurity law, win new business, and protect reputation.


Implementing an ISO 27001 takes many considerations. It takes many steps to be followed and documents to be written until it is fully ready to be audited. Steps that are required to take range from obtaining top management support to performing internal audit. Some of the mandatory documentations are scope of ISMS, risk assessment report, statement of applicability, access control policy, monitoring and measurement results, and more (Kosutic, n.d.).

Upon implementation of ISO 27001, an organization gains many benefits. Because ISO 27001 provides a framework of policies and procedures that includes all legal and technical controls involved in an IT risk management processes, the company’s money spending will be reduced from buying on unnecessary layers of defensive technology and security incidents. ISO 27001 also provides a guide that complies with EU GDPR and other key cybersecurity laws. This allows an organization to conduct business internationally. Many organizations are finding ISO 27001 is a prerequisite for doing business. An organization being ISO 27001 certified, strict clients and partners demanding greater data security will be willing to work together. Lastly, implementing ISO 27001 can help protect reputation because ISO 27001 is a standard that helps to prevent security breaches.

If ISO 27001 is implemented, the Red Clay Renovation will be able to protect the CIA of the company’s data. Because the Red Clay Renovation process, manage and store personal identifiable information (PII) such as name, address, credit card data, health information, and more, it is important to have a high standard of the security management system that provides guidance for the best practice. Clients will have strong trust and confidence and more clients will be willing to do business with the Red Clay Renovation.


ISMS help organization improve on their information security. Among ISMS, one of the best-practiced standards is ISO 27001. Although ISO 27001 is not easy to implement, it is not complicated if followed each necessary step carefully. The benefits of having an ISO 27001 certification is worth the trouble. It helps business save money, meet legal requirements, grow, and protect reputation from increasing the layers of the cyber defensive that has proven to work.


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