Choose a country and answer the recommendation questions (10 questions) Lengthly.

You will discuss information you found on the country you chose. There is plenty of information in your individual papers. However, make sure you pay attention to ONE) the current situation in the country (check the media) and TWO) the cultural details described in your individual papers. Based on both, conclude on how Walmart should conduct business in your country of specialization. Should they remove/add some old or new products and services? I have a comment here: Any business, with some restrictions/ alterations could be good. It is important for you to show HOW a company can do business in a foreign country counting on the cultural training/research. Read the project for more details on how to prepare for recommendations. Use the business project attached for reference.

You will come up with a single set of recommendations in the form of a

guide for a successful business in a specific country (you choose the country).

1. There is a set of questions in regard to recommendations. They were initially designed by an Anthropology professor with a lot of consulting experience in the business world precisely based on what the companies ask for. Now, it is your turn to show how you can apply your knowledge and skills in real world. Read them carefully and answer to them thoughtfully. By now, you have developed a deep sense of what culture is, a good insight in Chinese culture as well as Walmart culture- all helpful for this step. Also, refresh your Walmao reading, which now, after becoming more familiar with this course, would give you that aha-feeling.

2. There is no required length. However, do consider to fully answer each question; a paragraph of 6-7 sentences would be fine.

Answering in length the specific questions inserted here. The questions cover key considerations and decisions that need to be made in starting up a new Walmart business.

Questions to be answered in developing the business recommendations:

Remember to answer all of the “Why?” questions in a lengthy manner.

1.How would country’s culture allow for what can be loosely described as normal business, which is business based on corporate standards?

2.If any, what would be some cultural constrains there?

3.What corporate products/services should be offered? What cultural constrains can affect some of the products and services not to be offered? Beside what is known, what new product/service would be recommended?

4.Where, and to whom, should products/ services be sold/offered (i.e., demographic groups)? Why?

5.Where should the business activity to be located (rural, urban, other areas)? Why?

6.Should this be a solely owned American business or a joint venture? Why?

7.Who should be placed in what positions (foreign national or American expatriate)? Why?

8.What should be the physical layout of the business (i.e., how will space be used)? Why?

9.What cultural factors will affect interactions with employees, customers, government officials, and business partners (if there are any)? Why?

10.How will this business be different from a similar business located in the US? Why?

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