Buck vs Bell/ formulaing healthcare policies

·Read the information provided in this learning plan on the Buck Versus Bell case from 1927 concerning eugenic sterilization. Analyze the effects of this health policy from the time of its implementation until the 1970’s when it was repealed. What historical implications came about because of this case? What political and social ramifications were there because of this policy? 2 peer reviewed references, 200 words. http://www.law.cornell.edu/supremecourt/text/274/2…

·Looking at the social, cultural and public health considerations of the historical cases discussed (Ellis Island, Buck Versus Bell, Mandatory Vaccination of Health Care Workers) apply the lessons learned to the American view of health care policy today. How do the lessons learned from cases such as these impact American’s viewpoint of the PPACA in regards to governmental intervention and personal rights and liberties? 2 peer reviewed references, 200 words.

·Discuss what you feel is the single most important issue and/or factor in creating, formulating, evaluating and analyzing health care policy in the United States today. What opposing forces make the creation of health policy so difficult? 2 peer reviewed references, 200 words.

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