answer all the questions

In and Out

  • What three large molecules are broken down by the digestive tract, and what are they composed of?
  • Where does digestion begin?
  • How does food get from the mouth to the stomach (name structure).
  • What molecule is broken down primarily in the stomach?
  • How does the function of the small intestine differ between its three parts?
  • How is surface area increased in the small intestine?
  • Using a notable source other than the powerpoint, find information on other benefits of intestinal bacteria. Cite your sources!
  • _______________ are the primary organ where __________ is produced. The structural and function units of the kidneys are the _______________.
  • Briefly discuss “glomerular filtration”.
  • If water levels in the body increase, what happens to blood volume and therefore, blood pressure?
  • How would the urinary system help to lower the amount of water in the body and therefore lower blood pressure if both were too high?

a.What enzyme is at work here?

b.What molecule does it break down?

a.What are the components of gastric juice and how do they function?


b.Jejunum and Ileum:

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