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Unit VI Assignment

Art in Your Life Presentation: Individuals and Society

For this segment of the Art in Your Life Presentation, you will be describing the individual and society in art.

Research how individuals and society are represented through art. You will select three pieces and explain their meaning. You may choose the artworks for your presentation. They can be from your textbook, the Internet, or your home/community. Please do not use the same pieces you used in previous units.

Include the following in this segment:

 A description of each of the three artworks you selected (one slide per artwork).

 An explanation of their significance to the representation of the individual or the society (one slide per artwork).

 A picture of the artwork, if you are able to include one. If the artwork is in your home or community, you should take a picture of the piece and paste the picture into your presentation.

Remember that you must cite your sources according to APA standards. Use appropriate backgrounds, colors, and fonts in your presentation.

For this segment, use the slides in the presentation template labeled “Individuals and Society.” Please submit your full presentation thus far along with the addition for this unit.

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