8– a Discussion Questions 300 words.

Week 8:

A minimum of a 300-word initial response to the discussion question(s) is required by each student, including a minimum of 1-2 peer-reviewed references and citations in APA format.

In addition, at least two responses to classmates are required. Responses to classmates include providing additional information about the topic and can also include asking probing questions.

Discussion Questions:

  • 1- What health knowledge and practices are already present in your target population, related to your health issue?
  • 2- Which factors or range of issues need to be considered when incorporating cultural information into the program development, implementation, and evaluation for your health issue, keeping in mind your target population?
  • 3- Please begin to develop your culturally-sensitive health program, incorporating a theory you select. State which theory/model/assessment framework you will use to design your culturally-sensitive health program for your target population. Explain how this theory/model/assessment framework will help in the development of your program.

Integrate information learned from answering discussion questions #1 and #2 for this week. (Use the information you learn and discuss about the health knowledge/practices present in your population for your health issue, and factors/issues to be considered when incorporating cultural information into your program as you begin to develop your culturally sensitive health program.)

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