7.2 discussion Pt 2

Completely agree with the quote “Nothing has to stay the same. If a dogma is not working, no matter how strong and immovable it seems, you can cast it aside and start anew” (Hari, 2015, p. 235). Our laws are a bit outdated and with to scientific method behind them, the drugs that are chosen to be illegal and the ones that aren’t, it is not based on any credible evidence, they aren’t illegal because they are worse for you, or the other way around they aren’t legal because they are better for you it’s all who they are associated with. The prohibition on something is never going to happen, all that will happen is cause a financial strain on the whole country because our prison will be bursting with people. This plays with the old saying if something is illegal people will want it more. Threaten drug addicts and impose severe pain on them if they continue, “this was the best way to make them wish to keep using drugs“ (Hari, 2015, p. 237).The decriminalization of drugs should be something that lawmakers should look at. Many drugs have been found to have medical use and that is why some drugs are now being legalized. This is related, in part, to evidence that drugs such as marijuana or heroin, which had been previously categorized as having no medicinal value, may have potential medical benefits (Hammond, 2020). Portugal has taken the leap of faith that no other country wanted to do and legalized all drugs. You cannot fight numbers, their drug use, drug crimes, and drug overdoses have decreased in impressive numbers which should open countries to trying the same thing. As the biggest consumer of Illicit drugs, the United States must try new tactics and take a page from Portugal the legalization of drugs might be a great option and Could also help our country financially with taxes just as alcohol helps.ReferencesHari, J. (2015).  Chasing the scream: The first and last days of the war on drugs. Bloomsbury.Hammond, A. S., Dunn, K. E., & Strain, E. C. (2020). Drug legalization and decriminalization beliefs among substance-using and nonusing individuals. Journal of Addiction Medicine, 14(1), 56–62. https://doi.org/10.1097/adm.0000000000000542Response ParametersPeer responses should be structured using the RISE modelInitial peer responses should be 250 words in lengthResponses must be substantive and continue learning (avoid a simple “Good,” “Bad,” or “I agree” )Using APA format, continue to use sources from the text, lecture, or peer-reviewed articles to support your follow-up responses


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