500 W. addressing ALL of the following topics (a. through h.

500 W. addressing ALL of the following topics (a. through h.):

  1. If the tank in Figure 2-4 on page 26 of your textbook is 40 ft deep instead of 25 ft deep, what would be the pressure on Pressure gage A in psi? Show your work.
  2. In Figure 2-6, the pressure of the trapped air is 20 kPa. Express the trapped air pressure in psi (i.e., how many psi are equal to 20 kPa). Show your work.
  3. If the flow rate is 30 m3/s, what is the flow rate in cfs, gpm, and mgd? Show your work.
  4. Regarding Example 2-9 on page 31 of your textbook, if the area of section 2 is 0.2 m2 instead of 0.25 m2, what would be the velocity in section 2? Show your work.
  5. Which of the following is a smoother pipe: one with a Hazen-Williams C value of 85 or one with a C value of 120?
  6. Water flows through an 8-inch diameter, pressurized pipe (Hazen-Williams C = 100) with an HGL slope of 0.02 ft/ft. What is the flow rate of the water in gpm? Use either Equation 2-9 or Figure 2-15 on page 34 f your textbook.
  7. If the Manning in Example 2-16 is 0.016 instead of 0.013 (all other values remain as they are in the example), what is the discharge in the channel in cfs?
  8. The graph in Figure 2-22 shows that the flow rate in a sewer is not a maximum when it is flowing full. At approximately what value of d/D does the sewer convey the greatest flow rate? Explain why a sewer’s maximum flow rate occurs when it is less than full.

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