4 2 written assignment task 3 assessment of student work nov 26

4.2: Written Assignment: Task 3 Assessment of Student Work: Nov 26

For this assignment you will submit an abbreviated version of Task 3 of edTPA.

Part 1: Select a formal assessment you developed in your residency placement and administered in class. Submit a copy of the assessment and a 1-page summary of class performance.

Part 2: From the same assessment data analyze and discuss the following in a 3-4 page paper: You can include graphs, charts or tables to highlight your evidence of student understanding. Use APA title page.

  1. How you reviewed evidence and made sense of what students learned.
  2. How you provided meaningful feedback to your students.
  3. How you used evidence of what students knew and are able to do to plan next steps in your instruction.
  4. How you identified evidence of and explained students’ use of language that demonstrates the development of content understanding.


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