200 Word response to the following including a reference in APA format ( can all be on 1 pg)

1)Using the example of a governance team following a major change process, discuss a situation in which you were involved. Include the problem, the team members involved, identification of stakeholders, processes followed, etc. How effective was the team approach? What major challenges did the team face and how were they resolved? What could your team have done to be more effective?


The text in the link above discusses the characteristics of complex adaptive systems and managing those systems. How do such systems differ from traditional management systems? How are they the same?

3)In team building, discuss ways in which you develop a team and set an objective/mission, and discuss how and why you would develop a team and what would you do at the conclusion of the mission. Why is it important to define each team member’s role and responsibility? Should all team members be involved in all project activities, meetings, and discussions?

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