1) Kennedy Capital Corporation provides other firms with funds to expand operations. If Kenney strictly complies with existing laws, the firm…

1) Kennedy Capital Corporation provides other firms with funds to expand operations. If Kenney strictly complies with existing laws, the firm will:

a.fulfill all business ethics obligations.

b.fulfill some business ethics obligations.

c.not need to fulfill any business ethics obligations.

d.fulfill no business ethics obligations.

2) DeLouse Plastics Corporation pays its executives an excessive amount relative to other employees and to what executives at competitive companies are paid. This is most likely to be challenged as:

a.unethical only.

b.illegal and unethical.

c.neither illegal nor unethical.

d.illegal only.

3) Target selected 42 schools to receive new libraries. This is an example of which area of social responsibility?

a.Organizational stakeholders

b.Natural environment

c.External political-legal environment

d.General social welfare

4) Bread & Pastries Baking Company operates a commercial baking plant—a “major source”—that emits hazardous air pollutants for which the Environmental Protection Agency has set maximum levels of emission. The plant does not use any equipment to reduce its emissions. Under the Clean Air Act, this is most likely:

a.not a violation because baking is not considered to be polluting.

b.not a violation because the plant is not a mobile source.

c.not a violation because the plant does not use any equipment.

d.a violation.

5) Judith Cruz, the executive director of the Treasure Coast Food Bank, had a logistics problem. She contacted Wal-Mart to ask for management advice. Members from Wal-Mart’s distribution team arrived at the food bank, helping it improve its warehousing, sorting, and routin, to allow more food deliveries per week. The food bank went from serving 42,000 meals per week to more than 100,000 meals per week. The partnership negates the argument against social responsibility that says:

a.based on their legal status, organizations are technically prohibited from such activities.

b.social responsibility programs have the potential to create substantial conflicts of interest.

c.such activity detracts from the basic mission society has given business.

d.business executives lack the expertise to make decisions about social programs.

6) Ski Resorts, Inc., wants to add a new run to its facility in a national park on federal land. For this action, an environmental impact statement is:





7) ChemoCorp, Inc., makes and sells pesticides. If a substance is identified as harmful and the harm is imminent, the Environmental Protection Agency can:

a.declare the substance to be unregulated and allow its production.

b.order the substance to be sold in an adulterated form.

c.conduct an inspection of ChemoCorp’s plant.

d.ignore the risk if the benefit outweighs the harm.

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