07A1-08 – Ethical Decisions – What Power does it takes to make them

We all make decisions based on conscious thoughts and unconscious intuition. This holds true for our public administration roles as well. Much as we would like to assume we will always make the best public decisions, we need to formulate a plan to guide our actions. This will help keep us from straying too close to the edge of the proverbial cliff. Professional integrity in our ethical support of the public good is something that must be conscious and deliberate.

Write a 1–2 page paper offering a plan for ethical decision making that leads to an ethical solution, including who you will consult and the resources available to assist you.


1.Thiroux and Krasemann, read Chapter 6, “Freedom Versus Determinism,” pages 91–105.

2.Stillman, read Chapter 4, Reading 4 and Case 4 on the Columbia disaster, pages 105–116. Pay particular attention to issues of power and ethics.

Power can be handled with grace or without honor, and the results can be equally varied. Accidents happen—or do they?

“The Columbia Accident,” paying particular attention to the issues it raises about power and ethics.

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